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Endless Possibilities that are Beyond Delicious!

Beyond Ingredients is a technologically advanced manufacturer of fruit and vegetable ingredients that add taste, texture and innovation to a wide range of packaged foods from snacks, nutrition bars, baked goods and confectionery. Through our proprietary technology we preserve the taste and healthfulness of real fruit and vegetables while eliminating the negatives found in other gelled fruits, dried and frozen fruits and vegetables. That’s right: no preservatives, no additives, no sugar, no artificial flavors or colors, no trans fats, no sulfites or syrup. And our bits are both bake and freeze stable ⎯ opening a world of product innovation to customers. Quite simply we are a better alternative to dried and frozen fruit and vegetable forms currently used in many food products.  Endless possibilities that are Beyond Delicious!

Beyond Ingredients' unique concentration technology transforms fresh or frozen fruits, juices and purees into high fruit, low moisture ingredients perfect for many baking and consumer product applications such as nutrition bars and healthy snacks. Our ingredients undergo minimal processing or heat exposure retaining their nutritional attributes, flavor, color and soft texture to deliver a real and healthful fruit experience to consumers.


With Beyond Ingredients' delicious bits it’s easy to get your daily veggies!  Most any vegetable or combination fruit-vegetable blend – or even vegetable mixes – can be used, and up to 100 % vegetable formulations are possible depending on the desired application. Whether for a savory application or a mom-approved tasty snack that kids love, our veggie bits will please adults and kids too!


Beyond Ingredients' unique process provides for flexible formulation design and natural retention of flavors, colors and nutritional benefits of the fruits without the addition of artificial additives, preservatives or chemical coatings. What is even more exciting is that our bits are suitable for fortification or the addition of vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and fiber to address specific health needs. They are the perfect tasty delivery medium to support your marketing claims.


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