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Our Mission is to make the deliciousness of fruit and vegetables in their purist form – that is without all the bad stuff like preservatives, additives, fillers or waxes – accessible to every consumer through convenient packaged foods they enjoy everyday. Quite simply it’s...

Core Values

Endless Possibilities

Excellence in business is defined now as a company’s ability to rapidly and profitably respond to customer and market demand. Companies create value by adapting quickly and responsibly to meet consumer needs before the competition.


At the same time, a challenging economic climate is forcing companies to achieve high levels of efficiency, cost containment and speed of operations.  Companies must not only be able to innovate what and how they offer products to consumers, they must also be able to do so in a manner that is more efficient and scalable than their competition.


That is what Beyond Ingredients is all about. Understanding customer requirements and then developing innovative ingredient solutions that perform within rigid manufacturing parameters. We sweat the details first so our customers don’t have to later.


At Beyond Ingredients, success is defined by what matters most to our customers: innovative solutions, consistent product quality and processing performance to support our customers’ brand, operations and financial goals. 


We offer transformative products that allow our customers the freedom

to unleash endless possibilities to grow their business 

American Born & Bred

Beyond Ingredients was born in the Heartland of America where we value Midwest values, stand by our word and always lend a helping hand. Missouri is a great home base that allows easy central distribution to all corners of the continent… and Beyond! And just imagine your order arriving on time, without any of the hassles that happen when you purchase similar products from overseas competitors. It’s the American Dream realized…. fresher product without extra import taxes, tariffs, custom holds, or FDA rejections. Less Time, Less Waste, Less Cost Equals More Profit. How’s that for added value? Go USA!

Woman Owned Enterprise

We think you will love the superior quality of our products but if you need more motivation to partner with us consider our company ownership and structure. Beyond Ingredients LLC was founded by Mary K. Whalen, who is the majority owner and the Chief Executive Manager of the company. Official certification as a woman-owned business enterprise will be pursued in 2016. So companies looking for innovative products and actively seeking to conduct business with a woman-owned business, contact us now!

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