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Ingredients You Can Pronounce

Our fruit and vegetable bits are made from nature’s finest ingredients and deliver great taste naturally. Read our labels⎯ you do not need a chemistry PH to understand our ingredients. Our proprietary process delivers bits that are all about Free (trans fat-free, gluten-free, GMO free) and saying NO (no to preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors). Real fruit or vegetable juices or purees gelled into soft-textured bits that are bursting with nutrients and flavor just as nature intended.…ingenious!

Minimal Processing

Beyond Ingredients specializes in a unique process technology that produces high-fruit or vegetable content, low water activity bits that can be customized as ingredients for bakery products, snack bars, biscuits, chocolate, breakfast cereals and more. Our bits are perfectly delicious content when coated with chocolate or yogurt for a healthy treat. They are also great naked as a hand-to-mouth pouch snack or as additions to trail mix. Just 40 grams is equal to a serving and a half of fresh fruit. Awesome!


We are proud minimalists. Doing less to bring you more. Our rapid process involves a minimal heat step (like 10 seconds) and very little manipulation that ensures the raw ingredients retain their primary flavor, color and nutritional characteristics. Simple yet complex ⎯ like all of nature’s best offerings.

Great Taste

Our products are simply amazing. We source the very best juice concentrates and purees from around the globe that are harvested at their peak with the perfect Brix, PH and flavor. Our deep competence in food science and gentle processing approach honors the beautiful ingredients provided by Mother Nature.


At our core we are creative entrepreneurs who want to contribute to our customer’s new product success through our innovative technologies and ingredients. We look forward to helping customers bring to consumers everywhere innovative, great-tasting ingredients that exceed their expectations for nutritious, flavorful, convenient and tasty products wherever they go.

More Good Stuff

Making a great tasting product is good. Making a great tasting product plus giving something extra is even better. Our customized fruit and vegetable bits (or combination if you like) can also serve as delivery system for unique ingredients that address health needs, like omega 3s, fiber, nutraceuticals, and proteins. We don’t just make the perfect bits, we can make them with a little something extra to support marketing claims and meet consumer needs. If you have an idea or a specific need in mind, our food technicians are ready to assist

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